a lark him/her self; someone who doesnt approve of the use of the word
uz guys..... WTF?!?!?! Yankee!
by RialB_D June 14, 2003
to stab your leg repeatedly in front of someone then force them to drink your blood.
dude, i totally larked that kid with the eyeliner.
by torri mccalvin November 03, 2007
kids that kiss infront of b.c. 's locker
yo did you see those kids kissing infront of blaines locker? it was disgusting
by m April 01, 2003
This is what happens when a druggee gets together with a 70 year old woman.
"Look at the larks play the trombone today."
Please visit the 'Lark Garden' behind the WWPHSS school
A term used to label the mentally retarted... OR RETARTS!!!!!!! Or just a dumbass.
Joe got a 5% on the quiz, he's such a fuckin lark.
by Ryan Snyder April 22, 2003
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