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1) a playful insult, similar in meaning to 'big silly goose'... could be use by a gay person or friend.
2) a typo of larf.
1) Oh, you great big larg!
2) Yeah, it was a barrel of largs...
a shithole with plenty of neds and half decent ice cream

largs is good for one thing, home of elaine joe and martin.
largs resident: this place is a shithole
tourist: what a lovely place
by complainey April 09, 2007
(v) when a girl gargles the cum in her mouth
Last night my girl larged after she gave me dome.
by Jonkey July 20, 2008
When a flacid penis is presented to a female part, mostly a vagina, it remains soft causing the male to think of his sexual preferences.
Last night, i went home with this girl and i was larg the entire time!
by J. A 2 H July 21, 2009
To murder an excess of 10,000 people.
Did you see that clown? I think he's going to larg in that orphanage!
by Joe Marinello January 31, 2006