To win by an overwhelming majority.
With 88% of the vote, the incumbent won by a landslide.
by JavaJaneOhio July 29, 2010
Top Definition
(n.) Earth moving down a hillside very fast, destroying everthing it its path. A large shift of mass.

(n.) When one party standing in an election takes a massive majority over all others, including the reigning party. The name comes from bar chart presentation, where the drawings resemble a landslide.
The landslide killed 18 peeps

He won by a landslide
by Kung-Fu Jesus July 21, 2004
When you go to pick up a slice of pizza and all the toppings slide off into the box leaving you holding a triangle of crust.
Damn, my pizza had a land slide.
by Ken Gman March 14, 2008
when your poo slides down the back of you toilet bowl, leaving a sticky shit smear that wont budge even with several flushes.

also known as bowl art or scat redecoration
mark theres a fucking great land slide in the toilet winking at me, when i smelt it i nearley bulked up my dinner. go and scrub it, you dirty minging bastard
by twisted mo fo May 09, 2010
Having sex while one person is on the bed, and the other is standing on the floor
Girl in doggy-style position and guy standing up for extra penetration from the Landslide position
by Goober0027 May 03, 2009
1. Back before the Neocons hijacked the Republicanazi party, It it took an overwhelming majority of the votes to have a landslide, such as Reagan, who won 59% of the popular vote, and every state except Minnesota in 1984. Now, since 2000, a landslide is when you lose the popular vote and your hick brother "Jeb" helps you to steal Florida and therefore steal the election. That's a landslide, and 2004 was also a landslide when you rig all the electronic voting machines and steal the election that way. Republicanazis are getting good at landslides.

2. Prediction: Republicanazis will make sure that electronic voting machines, built by Republicanazi supporters, will be installed in all 50 states. Then they can again have another landslide because they can rig the votes in all 50 states rather than just 30.
Republicanazis are experts at landslides as long as they can prevent the people from actually having their vote count.
by Republicanazi April 22, 2005
When a woman on her period bleeds, shits, and pees, all at the same time. Hopefully all in a toilet.
Jessica: "What took you so long in the bathroom?"

Gabby: "Oh man, I just had a massive landslide go down."
by blackchurry November 06, 2010
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