Comes from a long line of Brittains. Often found dribbling or oozing madness on public property, people often run in terror of it. It may attack anything that moves.
"Oh no, there`s a lancer on my car"
"Let`s just go honey.. We can always get a new car"
by Eligio July 27, 2004
A Lancer is someone who takes themselves way too seriously in spots. Such as a bicyclist who wears the tight shorts, the unitard or whatever. Usually there are some sponsorship tight t-shirts involved. All evoking the uber-bicyclist Lance Armstrong and basically looking like they would feel more comfortable in Chelsea or the Castro.
A Lancer wears spandex or unitards like lance armstrong and enjoys sponsors
by LuckyOldMan January 19, 2012
Another term to refer to a homosexual.
yo check out that lancer over there with his man purse.
by Mobi November 11, 2007

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