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An individual who is not concerned with or even takes pride in the fact that many of his or her interests and tastes are considered by a general consensus as being outdated, uncool, and or unfit for their particular age group. Some people may feel there is a certian appeal to this behavior as it is genuine and rarely posed by anyone who is not indeed lame.
A twentysomething that would find it perfectly acceptable to pruchase items from the children's menu at a restaurant in order to receive a novelty or toy. Jean Teasedale, a fictional editorial contributor to The Onion, would be an example of a female lamester.
by M Schaller July 13, 2006
when u wanna call somebody LAME, instead of sayin ''She is so LAME'' just say LAMESTER !!
you tell ur friend: She is so lame
now u say: LAMESTER!
by honey-bear July 08, 2009

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