1.Used to define a person acting incredibly stupid.
2.A person not agreeing to something
1. "I can't believe I lost a $20 bill. I'm such a lame-o!"
2. "Just come with us. Don't be a lame-o!"
by Angelica February 10, 2004
A person who in the embodiment of the word lame.
Lives breathes and speaks stupidity.
Often know to bake apple pies.
Person 1: "You know Samantha spells lame-o lamo?"

Person 2: "I know right? What a lame-o."
by Capo da Don March 08, 2007
A loser, someone who has the chance to skip but let's it pass, bitter
Annmarie is such a lameo!
by cjrobinson96 February 03, 2011
1. Someone who emits lameness.
2. Something who emits lameness.
"I can't believe that (person) wet his pants again. What a lame-o."

"My computer crashed on me last night. Talk about lame-o."
by ecofreako13 July 15, 2010
A super lame person
Me: That jen girl is pretty BUT she's so lame SHES A Lame-o!
Jen: I know :( boo hoo
by Z MAY June 14, 2009
To be extremely high to the point that you have thus become the definition of a Lame-O.
Man 1: Man I was so messed up last night, that I fell down the stairs.
Man 2: Yea, bro, you were definitely feeling Lame-O.
by ElMesias January 16, 2010
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