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1. A person that is being a bastard and knows it.

2. Something/someone that is unpleasant or boring.
"What kind of lame ass shit is this? I'm out, man."
by Meka August 23, 2003
somebody who thinks they are not lame, but clearly are (eg, someone who posts on a DICTIONARY site but can't spell simple words)
"Your" a lameass if you think this isn't "a" excellent example of "some one" who shouldn't be posting on here.
by LaffnStock September 05, 2006
one who has nothing better to do than insult gamers on
Nicko was such a lameass his mom kicked him out of his own house.
by The Cheese April 16, 2003
something weak, tired, or uneventful.
Did you see Draven757's latest posting on Urban Dictionary? What a lame-ass attempt at humor.
by PHDUnk January 16, 2009
an event that was over rated thus letting you down.

someone who never knows when to be quiet and the shit that falls out of their face makes no sense but yet they continue to try and explain their logic...

"I can't believe that my date was such a lame ass"
"I'll never watch that lame ass movie again, I should have asked for a refund."
by Amanda777 April 21, 2008
Phrase indicating that something or someone originated in the Human Resources department.
Have you read the lame ass flex hours policy?
by techNiques300 May 27, 2010
Noun used to describe someone who will not participate in fun times, or someone who tries to derail a sweet prank or adventure. (See wet blanket)

Adjective used to describe something that is not fun, but could have been.
"This lameass is trying to stop us from throwing the old TV off the balcony at the climbing gym."

"What is with the mimes? This is the most lameass party I have ever been to."
by EOCANADA December 03, 2011
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