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5 definitions by Meka

1. A person that is being a bastard and knows it.

2. Something/someone that is unpleasant or boring.
"What kind of lame ass shit is this? I'm out, man."
by Meka August 23, 2003
122 27
Used to emphasize the sexiness of someone. The more x's the sexier the person.
"Dude, that chick is sexxy!"
"Incorrect, sir. S"he is sexxxxxy!"
by Meka August 23, 2003
106 86
The name of our alien overlord. The one that the government uses to control it's people, they keep it in the basement of the White House.
"All hail! Internet!"
by Meka August 31, 2003
10 7
act funny,shady, or peolpe that act slow
jaquanna:o u said 12x12 thought u said i'm well,i'm well

Shamika: dick in the booty
by meka January 28, 2004
5 13
A person who is a out there; a hoe; a person who sells their body for money; short term for "a trick"
You already knew Keisha was a trizzy.
by Meka December 28, 2003
29 51