immaculate weed haha
Yao Ming be smokin' that lala la...
by Ho Ho Ho January 14, 2004
1.) a way of singing
2.) a way of blocking someone out when they r`blahing` on ..
3.) a great song
4.) something to improvise with when u forget words of a song
"wat did u say ? i cant hear u!??! lalaaaallaalaalala"
by halo from a pixie April 04, 2005
to chat or talk with a person you know or dont know.
1. Hey! Who wants to lala with me?
2. Lets Lala.:]
by babydedz May 14, 2008
A word used by stupid untallented bitches who ride to fame on the coat tails of their more famous siblings. It could also be used to define lipsynching.
you make me want to lala. Need I say more?
by Starwind236 January 16, 2006
Beautiful, funny, smart, great girlfriend
LaLa Morad**** my love :)
by Inor October 27, 2004
when a women refuses to do anything sexually besides hand jobs. she convinces herself that it is not slutty. when in reality, it is more slutty then lets say a blow job.

J Doe: Yeah, I just saw LaLa
Friend: Awwwww shit

J Doe: I asked to beat cheeks but she said she was on the rag, so she went straight LaLa
Friend: shit im hungry, for some LaLa
by Doug Seely June 27, 2006
Lala: pronounced lah-lah or lar-lar

A rare species of elephant penis that is eaten as a delicacy when the Ramsleydales come round for afternoon tea on a Saturday afternoon. (See Elephant Dick). May also be eaten on Fridays, but this is only accepted in the 3 northern states of Niguara.

Common Misspelling: Lalaa. This is in fact a form of the traditional Crashbanian war dance, originating in South Africa.
1) Man, that lala was juicy
by The Snake of the Lala tribe January 03, 2006

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