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A band that consits of four girls that make some kickass music. Each girl takes the name Donna with their last name intial. Ex.Donna R, Donna A, Donna F, and Donna C.
We rocked out ot the donnas last night
by marika January 16, 2005
The urge to have sex
Ben wants me to lala.
by Marika January 23, 2005
See Glay See bishounen. Hisashi is proably the cutest member of a Japanese rock band named Glay. So's Jiro. And Teru. And Takuro. They're prettyfully.
Hisashi: (Runs)
by Marika March 21, 2004
Another word for swim. Comes from the spanish word for swim. Mostly used in the New England states.
We're going down to the play to nadar, wanna come?
by Marika January 23, 2005
Can be used to describe someone who is very preppy or prissy. Who belongs to a family with money and tends to think they're better than others.
God, that girl is such an Abercrombie, she needs to get over herself.
by Marika January 23, 2005
stands for No way! Used mostly in an on-line chat.
NW! He did that?! I can't believe it!
by Marika January 23, 2005
Fun. Evil. Pretty. Fun. Deadly. Fun. Fun. And fun.
"See Kurama: ROSE WHIP!!!!!!!!!!! ...NOt thatr we're gonna forget Malicious Misery."
by Marika February 14, 2004
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