lala - Polish word for a doll. sounds good!
*Whose doll is it?
-it's my lala!!
by kkkwww November 24, 2011
1) somebody who's away with the fairies, not on planet earth, etc

2) The Third Teletubby
My girlfreind can be a bit of a la la
by black flag June 05, 2004
lala: (adj) derived from the engilsh slang 'shalalala' and the feeling somone get when under emotional glee full of glee and happiness, usually associated with feeling of love
i feel lala when i hear a love song come on.
by mynameisalex October 20, 2006
a girl code word meaning thong
my lala is giving me a wedgie
by xoxo16 January 23, 2011
It's Muslim Swahili for "sleep."
Adam: "Lala salama, Naama."
Naama: "Yeah, good night to you, too."
by Nelly N March 02, 2007
Lala is a woman usually 13 or 14 who has a square shapped head. She isn't like by most people and her few friends are either named Keiko or Julia. She is really mean and lacks the qualities of being pretty and personal hygiene.
Did you see Lala? She's so square
by SQUARES ARE UGLY December 30, 2010
-A term used to secretly announce in a large group when one specific person is being annoying.

-When using "Lala", you must say it casually as if you are rambling off to yourself.
Girl 1: "Did you see the new Jonas Brothers music video?"

Girl 2: ...."Lala"
by updating November 01, 2009
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