An affluent suburb north of Chicago.The people that live in lake forest usually come form old/corrupt money and therefore strive for nothing in everyday life and their schooling except for dating around and "keeping it classy (which really means act like whore/ d-bag you are but don't let too many people find out, because that would be just so not classy)".Lake Forest hides the fact that it has the highest teen drinking and drug rate in America and that if it's people weren't considered rich they would be called trash. In the past 3 months 4 kids have committed suicide (and of course it didn't make local news) because they were tormented by the kids and the suffocating atmosphere at Lake Forest High School. Lake Forest residents refuse to think that maybe their bigotry leads to humble people's demise and instead sob dishonestly about the "friends" they've lost. The guys that live in Lake Forest are far from charming but their money and preppy colored clothing attracts the dumb whores who infest the town whom are raised from birth to look for their potential husbands so they can comfortably stay in their historical roles of stay-at-home moms. People in Lake Forest call themselves "beautiful" when in fact many are walking the line of average and they all look the same. Overall, Lake Forest is a true white trash town (excluding the token black guy).
Person 1: Hey dude, you wanna go to Lake Forest to get some grub?

Person 2: Nah! A sandwich costs like $10 there and besides I wouldn't fit in if ya know what I mean.

Person 1: trust me I know what your sayin dude! Those people are living on cloud 9.
by Honestyisthekey June 12, 2012
Top Definition
One of the most affluent towns in the United States. Situated just outside Chicago along Lake Michigan, Lake Forest is home to some of the wealthiest families in America. "Old Money" is a term used most often to describe the residents, who generally occupy the largest mansions, which are on the lake, costing an average of $10 million a pop. Crime is low, expectations are high, and public education is amoung the best in country- Lake Forest High School delivers dozens of graduating students to the Ivy Leagues each year. Voted "best dressed women in America" but Elle Magazine several years running and "Best Places to Live- Most Affluent" by Money Magazine, Lake Forest boasts a town of beautiful, smart, and rich residents like no other place in the world.
Girl #1: Yeah, I heard their high school won 6 state championships this year!
Girl #2: Well it's Lake Forest, what do you expect? They breed perfection.
by marykatherine84 April 20, 2006
An extremley wealthy town on the North Shore in Illinois. Lake Forest is known for it's beautiful houses, expensive cars, and gorgeous clothes and people. One of the richest towns in America.

"Who're those girls wearing designer clothing and getting into that Range Rover?"

"Oh, those are those girls from Lake Forest."
by allison parker February 18, 2007
An afluent suburb, north of Chicago, situated directly on Lake Michigan. Home of not only the stereotypical "rich kid", but also many extremely intelligent and driven people, as well as an average number of below-average people. Typically singled out because the average citizen is fairly wealthy, and the homes are very high-priced.
You think you know everything about Lake Forest, but please, don't judge what you don't know.
by Just a Girl May 06, 2006
The 1st richest city in the world. A suburb north of Chicago, this is one of the best places in the country to live according to the federal government and several almanacs. It has police on every corner, a low crime rate, and very expensive clothing stores, places to shop, grocery stores, etc. To buy a small house in Lake Forest is at least $400,000. Don't plan on living here unless you want to be surrounded by materialistic people who will call you a poser if you wear etnies sweatshirts if you don't skateboard and smoke. This is truely the best city in the Chicago land area, with its low-class rivals, the people from Highlandpark, the druggies from Lake Bluff, Lake Forest is truely the best mix of all cultures, with a wide range of people from sluts to badasses, popular bitches to nerds, and goody goodies to rebels. The amount of people living in lots 8000 sqare feet or larger is almost 80% of the people, the public education teaches children 60% more of what other public schools in the Chicago land area do, although the material is harder and amount of homework is much larger. The most mansion-worthy streets in this wealthy city are Lake Road and Westminster. If you like diversity in races, this is not the place to be. 90% of all the people are white and christian/catholic. Residents here are 20% Greek, 18% German, 6% Swedish, 3% Colombian, 2% Serbian, 12% Mixed, 35% Polish, 4% Other.
When I become famous, I'm going to move to Lake Forest because their residents let the superstars live in peace, probably because their used to being accosiated with fame.
by Fed.Gov.Association House March 25, 2006
Lake Forest is located 30 miles north of Chicago. Despite a few contradictions, it is truly the third wealthiest town in the United States. Many surrounding towns compete to be the best of the north shore, but Kenilworth is the only the nearby town that tops LF's affluency. People on the north shore stereotype people in lake forest as snotty drug addicts who would never make it at New Trier. NT is by far one of the best public high schools in the country but LF's two high schools are almost equivalent. LFHS is possibly the most beautiful public high school in the country and has been gaining testing strength almost outranking NT. LFA is the only coed boarding school in the Chicago-land area and is highly regarded as one of the world's best schools, even passing NT. The problem with drugs is limited. Although the bitchy reputation can sometimes be portrayed most of the residents are polite, considerate and appreciative of what they have. The designer clothes that are said to fill their closets are mixed in with things found at Target.
Lake Forest is a great place.
by Tuck245 January 21, 2008
I have lived in LF my whole life and i currently go to the wealthy, beautiful, smart, Lake Forest High School.

Lake Forest is a very wealthy white christian suburb located along Lake Michigan in the north shore of Chicago. The residents have more money than they know what to do with. Majority own multiple homes and at least one boat. Their children attend Lake Forest High School, one of the top three best high schools in Illinois. Not to mention one of the filthiest rich schools in the country, even though the whole school consists of about 2,000 very affluent, rich, wealthy, spoiled, BEAUTIFUL kids. For a reference to the outsiders, Lake Forest is the Greenwich or Orange County of the Midwest.
Lake Forest kids are too good for anything costing less than 200 dollars, and thats only clothes wise.

Most everyone in lake forest belongs to at least one country club, i belong to Exmoor, some others are Onwentsia CC, North Shore CC, Indian Hill CC, Lake Forest CC, Medina, Royal Melbourne, and many more
by richbeyondbelief12 November 19, 2006
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