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when a girl is sucking your dick and you are about to cum pull out and stomp on her foot, then when she is hopping up and down in pain cum on the floor so she slips and eats shit
"I totally laid out yo mamma last night."
by koolaidkoolaid October 07, 2011
10 22
getting beaten in a fight or getting bashed
This guy talked back to a cop and got laid out.
by Streetzorz March 10, 2005
100 19
To get yo ass knocked the fuck out!!
"Shit might pop off and when it pop off. Somebody gonna get laid the fuck out!" 50 Cent
by Brittany_notyourgirl August 27, 2005
73 33
laidout - dead
Ima get the nine and leave your ****** laidout
by cory June 01, 2004
28 16
the GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! yall better bow down to their greatness
i saw laidout play last night! they ROCKED MY SOCKS! DAMN! FO SHIZZLE!
by laidouts numba 1 fan 4 lyfe October 21, 2003
6 8
Laidout is a band that consists or four talented muscicians TA KD DC and MB.
Laidout RULES!
by Laidin July 01, 2003
6 8
To get really fucked up
Damn, that bitch looks laid out.
by Michelle Reynolds May 06, 2006
23 29
shot up and killed
Holla My Name And Get Laid Out.
by DeVonTheDucer July 28, 2003
21 27