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SUPER lag!!! I mean SUPER!!
ITS lagggg AHHHH
Laaaaaaaaaaggg so much laaag
by Dominique February 13, 2004
The creature respawnsible for over 6 billion internet players characters death, the cause of over 400 million acts of masterbation from anger of lagzilla cutting the raid off during the last 5% of defeating raganos, and 3 distict emo kid suicides

also the creater of the azian perty boii scene forcing angry asians out of there houses and into a lag free enviroment
lagzilla!!!!it is well known you can hear him coming when u have 1 sec lag spikes then 2 sec lag spikes by the 3rd second lag spikes ur already disconnected
by sirlagalot June 03, 2010
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