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Slow and or pausings in performance,loading,gameplay or image display in any video game,image or even music sounds.
My game has major laggage, it is taking me forever to get through the firt mission
by blue77 April 25, 2009
Lag during IRC chat creates laggage
When the screen scrolls up and their is suddelly ten lines of chat you have experienced laggage
by Vampyre September 25, 2004
Luggage that arrives at the destination after you do.
Yeah I hate laggage
by ImpressionMan July 29, 2010
When playing a video game (usually online) a player will occassionally experience "lag" or "laggage". This is when there are so many operations being calculated on the systems at once, that the screens move slowly and blocky. When someone is experiencing laggage, the enemy takes advantage of this and pwndizzles that laggageur.
Other Guy: *shoots Guy* Sir, may I carry your laggage?
by Undugrownd February 02, 2007
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