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When you rail a fat chick, the ripple that goes through her fat, starting at your entry point, and continuing away.
I was tagging this shamu, and everytime my crotch hit hers, I could see the ripple effect take her fat up to her neck.
by Saphiyago October 07, 2006
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the ass shakes an than hits you an knocks you off an your like damn you think you a bad mothafucka an you go back an try an tap it but the ass ripples an knocks you off again?
Damn nig! I was hittin' that ass an it had the perfect ripple effect, I watched it erry time!
by sXekid December 15, 2010
When a fat girl wears tight clothes and you can see all the ripples of fat.
dude 1: "Yo check out her, i think that shirts too tight"

dude 2: "yea man she got the ripple effect goin"
by ghettoindian August 09, 2013
is caused by a bunch of kleptomaniacs
in a store, ripping off the same item.
Store owners get nervous as it puts
their customers under duress.
'xcuse me, can´t find the condoms.
what aisle please?"
"Sorry maam, we're out of them. We had
a problem know, hmm the ripple effect.
by Mayuura November 09, 2007

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