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by vi February 17, 2005
Top Definition
a response to something funny, such at lol
rob: hey fgt
everyone else: laffo
by Rob March 04, 2005
A hummiliating lol

Guy 1: You heard that new Just Jack song?

Guy 2: laffo, you like Just Jack.

Guy 1: Nuh uh O_o

by laffo :P March 11, 2007
An angry, anonymous clown who was once an extra on the TV show "Lost"
I think I see laffo behind that palm tree!

Yes, but why is he wearing a red shirt?

by Oh My Darling Clementine June 10, 2008
Shanerak becoming AnimalControl's furry pet in a pet/owner style relationship.
Laffo, it's time for your bath, ferret.
by Wish August 22, 2004
something a crazy german girl came up with.
CGG: Hey
Someone: What?
CGG: Nothing. LAFFO!
by Gerb June 07, 2004
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