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Just Jack, often known as Just Wack is an self proclaimed artist from London. He also has a degree in furniture design which has helped his music career by allowing him to come up with lyrics such as
"Im lovin' Mary Jane, flyin' with Lois Lane, On board a bullet train".
Says he has a writers block but is blatantly a lie, he just cba's writing good lyrics.
Released a chart single recently called star's in their eyes, in which the video featured a stock car jumping through a hoop on fire and a man in drag. His new single is absolute bollocks, along with the video that is yet again pointless.
Kid 1:Tell your dad that the TV cabinet you sold us collapsed. Whats just Jack gonna do about it?
Kid 2:I'll get him to fix you up a new one and give you a complementary copy of the Album "The Outer Market" that leaped to 781 in the UK chart
Kid 1:Thats funny, my dad released an album that exact week and he said that it also reached.....
Kid 2:OK 782 then....
by R4inman May 17, 2007
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