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(1) n Lesbian+Labia, a lesbian vagina. (2) n A dike (out lesbian) or group of dikes. ie labians
Check out the grey mullet on that labian. Do you think the cuffs match the collar?
by Mike Lowe July 09, 2003
17 10
1. (n) One who possesses labia, ie, a woman
2. (n) One who possesses characteristics of one who possesses labia
Bob: I'm tired, hot, bloated, hungry, and cranky. Like, all the time...
John: Oh, stop being such a labian...
by tojz June 29, 2005
8 8
A lesbian who is attracted to other girls with good labia.
Derivatives include Loobian, a lesbian who enjoys loose and flappy labia, and a Shabian, a lesbian who likes short and neat labia.
Kate: I think I can see Sarah staring at that girls crotch.

Peta: Yeah I know, she's an inquisitve Labian.
by lebsianne October 08, 2010
2 3