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Originating from Diablo 2 games. To say "Rush me" means to have a high level character help a lower level character get to a point in a game that he/she could not get to on his/her own.

It is often used with a location of checkpoint. Such as "Rush me to Meph", Meph standing for a boss battle.
LilJones-"Can u rush me to Big-D?"
XprtKilla- "Heck NO, do it yourself Noob"
by JaxomZero May 29, 2005
Describes the action of making very quick work of something, most notably, food.
Kevin: Man, this game is going to be off the hook tonight!

Cam: Hell yeahz! But hold up brah. Pull into this Mickey Ds over here right quick. I gotz to rush me a Happy Meal!
by drkato September 04, 2009
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