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Romanian word for "masturbation"
"O iau la laba"
"I'm masturbating"
by fakee May 22, 2005
A Romanian therm that means to self-satisfy.
Aseara am dat o laba scurta.
by cipy December 29, 2004
A gaming term used to describe a stupid, pointless, and annoying fight.
I am so fed up with this retarded boss fight. It is laba and can burn in hell forever!
by ZOMGAWESOMEPOSSUM! November 06, 2010
It means Hello in Lithuanian.
Labas! Ką veiki?
by Ratcakes July 28, 2014
Derived from the person known as 'Fedgit' it means an annoying idiot, or someone who does not understand they are unwanted.
Laba: "Yo guys lets go driving"
Other: "Shut the fuck up, Laba"
by InfamousJL February 22, 2005
lying ass bitch ass slut
pronounced la-bass
that girl is a lying bitch..shes a complete labas!
by KRYSTI P February 03, 2009
A man who has had his balls removed by marriage.. See also Duffied
Jesus maybe if he wasn't laba'd he would come out to the bar.
by Tweeter Staff August 23, 2006
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