A cryptic word representing any noun, adjective or verb. Originating from EQ.
Fuck Kim Dechant La~.
by La~ May 10, 2004

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Started on EverQuest, meaning "laugh", because when /la is typed, your character laughs.
"omgz j00 got owned la~"
by jesus January 07, 2005
The word the g00ks of faldon say.
CSky:'Sell item la~'
by www.illusorystudios.com October 12, 2003
Like many other phrases that really have no meaning, la~ can be used in a variety of ways. The most common of these would be lighten a phrase that may otherwise be taken as mocking or cruel. It can also be used by itself to express indifference.
"wtf no0b? i pwned u la~"
"haha, fuk you too"

"dude, you should start your homework soon."
by Mikey Mike September 12, 2003
Teh coolest word evar! It is teh la~ It's liek "omfg la~ roffles'. It is used to end teh sentences or by itself. Liek la~ or Omfgipkuirlkthxula~ Always accompanied by teh ~
lol wtf roffles i pk u la~
by Teh1337d00d January 16, 2003

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