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the most perfect guy in the world. a great looking guy. a person with a promising future. Loves hugs and kisses especially from his girl. big penis but is more than happy to show you how it works. he is king
Guy: I wish I was kyrollos
Girl: I wanna date him
by worldatwar1990 August 21, 2012
Kyrollos is the state one finds themselves when one is extremely sleep deprived due to extreme amounts of stress and worry. This state is usually accompanied by the consumption of energy drinks which make the jitters increase exponentially.
"Man I'm really, really worried about this weeks exam, I spend the whole night worrying and couldn't sleep, I feel I'm really kyrollos at the moment
by Fewjumperpuncheschampo November 30, 2012
Someone who loves black dick, is geographically challenged, and loves to eat sand.
Did you hear about Kyrollos? That kid loves the black dick and doesn't know where virginia is.
by whatwhatwhat32535432345 October 14, 2010
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