he be the hardest mutha fucka in here
C walk homey
by cALi Represent October 27, 2003
Top Definition
a dogg pound gangsta
tha kingpin
young gotti
tha young gottstra, a young frank sinatra...
ain't no west without kurupt with the r-a-s
by nibs April 27, 2003
Kurupt...KingPin from the DPG.
Kuruption...Fairly Shit
Tha Streetz Iz A Mutha...Fucking Awesome
Space Boogie...Absolutely Awfull
by Diego November 09, 2003
Adjective used to describe an aggravating online troll with total disregard for manners.

Derived from the username of a particularly infamous former member of the Gametap online forums.
Bob: Dude, this guy flamed me like crazy on the forums - he had no manners.

John: That bad huh?

Bob: Yep, he was a kurupt asshole.
#kurupt #kurupt2164 #gametap #corrupt #troll #aggravating #irritating #annoying
by tokyodelgado September 18, 2008
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