What has more brains than Kurt Cobain?
The wall behind him

Get it? He blew his brains out with a shotgun
by Dillon Farnum June 20, 2005
Frontman of the vastly overhyped Grunge Band Nirvana. His songwriting style was nonsensical and incoherent. He was -not- a good guitarist. He used 3 or 4 four guitar chords for every song, buried under half a dozen guitar effects. Having witnessed and heard enough truly talented musicians play, one can plainly see that Kurt Cobain's skills were minimal at best. As it is, the only reason Kurt Cobain and Nirvana are so highly regarded is because Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994. This will automatically inflate ANY singer/musician/songwriter's popularity, and cause their actual talent to be greatly exaggerated, as is the case with Kurt Cobain.

Nirvana was a -decent- band, with their ability exaggerated after the suicide of its frontman. That's all.
"Nirvana's songs don't make any sense!"

"Kurt Cobain wan't THAT good of a guitarist..."
by Justin May 18, 2005
annoying punk ass whiny bitch. it was a blessing to the rock industry that he died.
smells like teen spirit by kurt cobain is the most whiny, bitchy song ever sung.
by syphek August 13, 2008
very overated musician he was ok but not as good as many others. in nirvana a band that was also overated not very good.

bullshit compared to gg allin.
dude 1: kurt cobain was the best musician of his generation he started a whole music genre
dude 2: he was not that good what about turbonegro they didnt start a genre but they were alot better than kurt cobain
by apocolypse dudes November 25, 2004
i admit he was good but he only made 3 albums and then shot himself. People worship him like 2pac but cobain never had the Social conscious or intelligence 2pac possessed nore the number of hit albums during life or hit albums after his death.
Kurt cobain lit up the industry like a shooting star,and shouldve faded away like one.
by johnyhoff March 13, 2005
A totally overrated "musician". Could not play the guitar for his life. Stupid people think he and Nirvana killed Metal. wrong! They just killed stupid late-80's pop metal. True metal never died. Kurt on the other hand, did, when he blessed the world and decided to perform a 12-gauge lobotomy on himself. Also helped influence the shit bands of today, ie.: Nickelback, etc.
He was the second worst grunge singer, next to Eddie Vedder.

Layne Stayley and Alice in Chains wiped the floor with Nirvana and their talentless drivel
by IMDan August 10, 2005
not as cool as people say he is.
kurt cobain is not a martyr.
by brittles August 28, 2004
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