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a physically tempting, playfully seductive, vivacious girl who acts like she had too much sugary icing and becomes bubbly and flirty.

A girl whose body gives you a sugar high. She's so tempting you want to put icing all over her so you can lick it off because she's hott.
Damn look at that fine little Kupcake walk by. I wish I could have a taste of her icing.

Have you seen that girl Janelle?
Yeah that Kupcake with the tasty body.
She gives me a sugar rush.
by sexxxy shawty October 15, 2007
The word given to a boy who resembles the cute aspect of an actual cupcake.
Kourtney: "Did you see that cute boy over there?"
Kelsey: "Oh, you mean Kupcake?"
by exStarshine February 20, 2010
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