Top Definition
Known as a very small dick (bite size tootsie roll size)

Originated from the dick of Micheal Kunza, a fagot from BCC High School
Damn, micheal has a kunza
by BEEFJERKYBIATCH September 20, 2004
A very beautiful, funny, sweet girl. Loves to spend time with friends but also needs to be alone at times. Caring and fun, there will never be a dull moment when you're with her. Easily trusted and loved by everyone. Her charm holds a spell oon everyone and she's much smarter than she lets on. If you ever meet a girl named Kunza, don't let her go.
friend 1: i just met this girl, she's amazing!
friend 2: obviously it's Kunza, she's the best
by bostonsgirl December 30, 2011
You wish Mike, thats sad
Wow, Micheal has a real kunza
by BEEFJERKYBIATCH September 27, 2004
The biggest dick ever
Damn, Micheal really has a HUGE kunza
by The real Kunzalishious September 27, 2004
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