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A nickname given to someone who is an asshole.
Kumas is such as asshole.
by Petri Dish November 13, 2007
0 3
Vagina/pussy in Kiswahili
Kuma yake ni tamu sana.
by Ngoma April 28, 2005
127 70
1. Japanese for "bear".
2. In some cases, refers to a l0053r, but this is seldom, if ever.
3. That one guy from Teken...I think.
(1)Hai, thats a kuma, and it craps in the forest.
(2)Dude! That guy wwas such a freaking kuma!
(3)Kuma just pwned j00!
by shinji-kun January 04, 2004
101 45
the state of being cool. the act of showing approval.
yeah, I'm down for grabbing a meal. Kumas!
by dancegurl44 April 27, 2012
0 3
Escort/John Slang. Means Knuckles Up My ass.
We tried everything, even she even tried KUMA.
by SoupNazzi March 25, 2005
19 27
The state of being super uber bored late at night by yourself
man... i hate kuma nights
by Skattered August 08, 2008
8 24
Kuma"short for Killakuma" is a Troll Warrior in the MMO WOW, He's the World Of Warcraft Jason Voorhees, He Currectly Fights On The Steamwheel Cartle Realm and if you wanna to Test Your Strength He's Taken Challengers
Sazzu: Dude you hear about that Kuma Guy?
Gravecharm: Ya i Heard he's NEVER Lost a Fight
by Kuma-Sama September 13, 2008
11 28