The self-hating, ubercool character from the Harold and Kumar movie triology. That's the only cool dothead I ever know of but obviously, he's a product of fiction. Being Indian, I know for a fact that, we're among the lamest people on Earth.
Kumar Patel: Look at me, I'm the coolest dude in the planet. White people especially women absolutely love me!

Bouncer at the Nightclub: Yeah right, Apu. Now go Kumar yourself in the corner.
by Guru Gulab Khatri October 06, 2011
Top Definition
Having or possessing the property of a devilishly handsome Indian-American male.
My boyfriend should start dressing more Kumar.

That guy is so Kumar he's out of my league.
by Jeb February 02, 2005
What the fuck is wrong with you? IT'S FUCKING HAROLD AND KUMAR!
Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.
by Common Sense February 02, 2005
A name you would use for some random Indian guy.

Similar to calling some random asian guy "Wong" or "Lee"

Most likely used by a racist.
Two racists white guys come out of an AM PM.

-Hey, Kumar ripped me off with these overpriced burritos

-Freaking Kumar!
by S1988 November 13, 2009
Also used as a substitute for 'Dude'. Used mostly in the regions of Bangalore, India. Now more commonly popular since the later half of the new decade.
Wassup, Kumar???
Kumar, i met your GF yesterday, man she's ugly!!!!
by Ghat July 08, 2006
The act of thrusting one's penis in between his partner's ass cheeks until orgasm is achieved.

Also, a sexual act similar to titty fucking that is often mistaken for anal sex by young, sheltered Indian girls.
We didn't have sex, but she did let me kumar her.
by PKRP April 24, 2008
Another word for titfuck.
I totally did a kumar on my girl last night.
by Robotmoose September 20, 2010
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