Used to signify your winning of a flamewar or to show that your insult was best and nothing can beat it.
What a fucking joke.
by lmao July 01, 2003
Okay my good sir, thank you for your givings, I am departing from your company
A: You're a fucking moron! Anime is COOL!

B: kthxbye
by Ethan June 10, 2005
A word that stems from the phrase "k thx, bye" (and it's derivitives), which are bastardisations of "ok thanks bye".

This uttering is commonly associated with so-called IRC "lamers" (see lamer) renouned for the overuse of retarded abbreviations (such as the above) during chat sessions.

It is used extensively in IRC geek humour and in-jokes. See the example.
plz2b dieing, kthxbye
<martin> i r not on ipv6 KTHXBYE!!!!
by dw January 19, 2003
What an AOLer says after having cybersex, or even sex in general.
<Mark176> How was it for you?
<Laura69> Kthxbye
by Bastardized Bottomburp October 06, 2003
something a veeeeeery lame person would say.
"LoL. i LiStEn To PaNiC! aT tHe DiScO! KTHXBYE."
by BLASTBEATZ '77 September 18, 2006
Short for Ok thanks bye. Usually used to signafy to a llama that he is being an asshat.
You are a llama, kthxbye.
by Cactuar December 21, 2002
k thanks bye
oh ya fucked me good now kthkbye
by annemarie January 17, 2003

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