an abbreviation for wordkthxbye mostly used in losing an argument or just to sound cool.
A: I'm sure I'm right though...
B: but i still w1n ktb.
by Tym October 07, 2003
Top Definition
Shortening of kthxbye, which is in turn a shortened form of "k thx bye". The K is short for OK, which is short for "oll korrect", which is a facetious alteration of "All Correct". Thx is short for "thanx" which is a facetious alteration of thanks which is short for "Thank You". "Bye" is short for goodbye, which is an alteration of "God Be With You". "ktb" is the pinnacle of English's advancement, shortening "All correct, Thank you, God be with you." into three letters. Humanity is doomed. Obviously, it is used to end a conversation *fast* that you don't want to be in anymore.
Whiny bitch: Here's your hamburger. Anyway, as I was saying about how bad my life is...

Other dude: Yum, burger. ktb. *leaves*

Whiny bitch: I have no friends. Wan wan wan.
by thx to kaeru March 25, 2008
"Killing the Bugs"
Ugh, so many mosquitoes in the room KTB.
by Bug Killer September 28, 2009
Kill that bitch or kill this bitch.
"and the shit really hit the fan when she kissed him back."
"Man you need to ktb."
"Ya, ik!"
by DR. DAVIS December 10, 2004
short for "keep texas brutal!"
tanner: hey are you going to that show tonight?
tyler: hell yeah dude i gotta "KTB"
by tyler smeast April 18, 2009
The abbreviation for a KFC-Taco Bell.
Shall we hit up the KTB before the game?
by bob November 20, 2004
a great friend with straight teeth and a flat tummy. with also an awesome boyfriend named dave and he drives a cool car:)
there goes ktb heading off to uva... i will never find another friend like her!
by dt March 27, 2003
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