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The name of an adorable teddy bear from Roscoe that barks when his arm is pressed
"Aww thanks for the bear. . .what did you name it?"

"Krunk Juice"
by DanMan August 23, 2005
11 44
A mixture of alcoholic drinks, usually leftovers combined into one.
After his parents had a party, Ben used the rest to make krunk juice...

Steeve's krunk juice was strong...
by Scrappy April 09, 2005
60 3
Any drink that gets you relatively "fucked up" or "krunked", especially malt liquor eightballs. See "maltlicious".
Ben and I went to the "Get N' GO" and bought a shit load of krunk juice.
by Jack Adick January 05, 2005
45 25
What results after a falling basket of kittens makes impact with the ground.
I heard the thump... then I saw the krunk juice splattered all over the ground.
by Sheiße April 22, 2009
17 19