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The state of, and the epitome of, greatness.
Dude that show is freakin Atit dude!
by Atit January 06, 2004
Although often used to describe sexual endeavours, the term 'at it' refers to one's actions or words.

If someone is 'at it' they will be guilty of either talking shit or acting like an idiot.
Matt, you are guilty at it.

Lev, last night you were at it.
by mattsmike January 28, 2011
Ashley Titan
I saw Ahley walking down the street and yelled, "hey A tits". She turned around and said, "hey, wassup"
by DaEpicPwnr August 16, 2008
1. Atit: A "tit." Hence, a female.
Hey look, it's "a tit."
by Docta Dré June 29, 2005