Is cool :)
Yeah, Kristina is pretty cool.
#kristina #cool #awesome #nice #the crap
by ktinabby September 16, 2008
a really hot sexy woman
"dude i had sex with a kristina last night"
#hot #sexy #really #woman #sex
by jensen wartwemon February 26, 2009
Kristina meaning a very deep and intuitive person. There is more to her than meets the eye. She is a bit impatient but always extremely reliable.

She has a great ass. She is very eclectic when it comes to the music she listens too. She loves attention and is not ashamed to admit it. She is spoiled and likes to be waited on.
Hey look at that girl she has got a great ass. Well thats a Kristina.
#kristina #christina #kristie #christie #kristen
by cherokeeboy February 01, 2010
Onee sexxy son of a bitchh , party animal , beautiful , loving , fuckablllleee
i hooked up with a KRiSTiNA last night(:
#hot #crazy #gergeous #party animal #the best ever.
by italianobeotchx3 January 17, 2010
The meaning of the name Kristina is "Follower of Christ" or "Christ Bearer."
Random Person: What does your name mean?

Kristina: Follower of Christ, or Christ Bearer = D
#follower of christ #christ bearer #girl #woman #person #human being #name
by justagirl2188 August 30, 2011
Kristina is a wonderful smart girl with long brown hair and beautiful big brown eyes that when you look at them they will make you do anything. Also she has a big butt that looks great on her and is the perfect size. She also will love reading and sports. And she also will have a crazy personality but in a good way. She will brighten up your day whenever you are down. Kristina will also fix your problems.
Jack- Dude I was just talking to this girl and she was like perfect, she loved sports and was smart and she had these awesome brown eyes that I would do anything for her if she asked me with those eyes.
Sean- I can guess her name from that description...
Jack- What is it?
Sean- Kristina, her name is Kristina
#kristina #smart #pretty #crazy #awesome
by Soph_Sings July 05, 2011
Kristina is the meaning of swag. She has so much swag that people beg her to share her swag wisdom. Kristina is beautiful, smart and always welcoming new people into her life. Kristina can be really weird, but is super funny. She is known to make everyone have a great day always. Don't doubt Kristina, there is more than meets the eye. a Tina has a beautiful smile enchanting eyes and a great figure with a killer butt. If their is ever a hip-hop/swag contest and a Kristina is there, place your bet on her ;)
"Dude! She must be a Kristina.
She's got hella swag!!"
#christina #khristina #swag #swagg #smile #funny #hip-hop
by Mrs.Alamiatheswaggie August 17, 2012
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