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krispy: adjective
defining one's fresh style and unique swagger, and amazing skill at with a particular subject
Good examples are: Sara Wilson, Dumbledore, Biggie Smalls, Steve Irwin, Kid Cudi, Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt, and Bob Marley.
Guy 1: shit that was awesome!

Guy 2: Um, i think you mean krispy

Guy 3: I think you mean Sara Wilson.

Guy 1: Yes. Yes we did.
by Albus Dumbledor January 06, 2010
Fresh, fly, well-kept, etc.
To be spotless and cool in style.
Paula is straightening her dolla bills so they can be krispy.
by Chango7 January 07, 2008
Krispy means fresh, super exclusive, raw, dope.. and so on. The phrase was coined by Kinfolk KiaShine and Hi-Powered.
I'm so krispy,
I'm so kripsy,
my jeans 900,
shoes 850,
by mackrock17 April 23, 2007
Kris-py, - adjective - Describing one's fresh style and unique swagger
My nigga Jookjook is sooo mawfuckin Krispy dat even dem hataz be diggin his swagg.
by J Niggs June 07, 2007
adjective- describing one's fresh style and unique swagger
wow Kia Shine is krispy
by mixed_yingyang June 14, 2007
adjective - describing one's fresh style and unique swagger
I'm so krispy
I'm so krispy
My jeans 900
shoes 850
by T.Jiddy June 23, 2007
Ones unique swagga, fresh, raw, dope, fly.
Ayy that kid is krispy.
by kevin.finest December 19, 2007
discribing ones fresh style or uniqu swagger
im so krispy my jeans cost $900 shoes $850
by 122skittlez June 16, 2007