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A walled fortified area of Moscow, in russia. The Kremlin has traditionaly held the bulk of the russian governmant in addition to administrative buildings it also contains many beutiful churches and has been home to the russian tzars, stalin, and more recently Vladimir Putin.

The Kremlin is not one single buildings it is a complex of buildings.
The Kremlin is a symbol of times gone by when kings ruled and Russia was a world power.
by Xiophillio April 12, 2009
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An Internet troll sponsored by Putin's regime.
Kremlins are active today in this forum!
by tamosius June 16, 2015
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Kremlin derives from the Turkish word for fortress, which is "Kermen".
The Moscow Kremlin is a historic fortified complex, which serves as the official residence of the President of Russia.
by Phathom November 24, 2006
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Sex move, involving rubbing the clit over a womans pants.
Over the blouse, in front of the house,

The kremlin is dirty and sneaky like mouse
by Krem de la Krim February 10, 2010
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A woman with an extremely crooked face.

The type of girl that was beat with the ugly stick but only on the left or right side of her face.
ugly bitch Kremlin
by hker21354 May 18, 2009
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a small town in northern oklahoma a.k.a. "methaplatamia".
hey lets go to kremlin and score some crank.
by tony2eyes April 03, 2006
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Derived form the enemies in the game Donky Kong. General insult to people who follow trends no matter how shit they are, or try to act cool when in front of their mates.
Guy.1 - "Eric is such a fag!!"

Guy.2 - "Yeah, what a kremlin!!"
by Andy Martin June 06, 2005
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