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Keep Pushin on
John- "Man times are really rough right now I don't know what to do

Joe-"Hey bro i feel ya, just kpo my brotha
#keep truckin #be strong #keep your head up #stay strong #stick with it
by squiggly ex brother September 14, 2009
a really crazy and funny girl
yo kpoooooo
hay kaypo
by jbop April 11, 2005
kAka p0wEr 4 LiFeEe
kpO is rEALLy fUnNy nD rEmiNdDs EvEry0nEe of KiP !!
KpO is my kaka who takes early morning class with me and says meow and we love TUH REE SUH PLUH NELL !!
by kAka JiZz April 24, 2005
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