Top Definition
something that is cool, bad ass, or just plain fucking awesome
man that shit was so koza
by the one and only December 29, 2003
means "bad ass"
man thats koza
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
daniel koza it is true that koza is czech for she-goat and i was tryin to pull away from that with my definition... bad ass or just plain awesome or fuckin cool man
shit man that chronic was koza
dude that basketball game was soooo koza
by the one and only May 28, 2004
she-goat.......and then the told me that that definition is too short...i disagree...koza, in czech, is a she-goat...THERE!!!!you freakin koza!
Hey, look at that koza overe there!
by Daniel Koza May 12, 2004
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