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something that is cool, bad ass, or just plain fucking awesome
man that shit was so koza
by the one and only December 29, 2003
fuck yes he should, but he didnt..hes a lame guy.
Take us to iraq with those stupid yanks and kill us all, muahhaha
"john howard is gay, the end"
by The one and only November 17, 2004
The hottest, sweetest, nicest, coolest guy in the entire world. He's rocks the trombone and he rocks my socks. I love you Reed!
Reed is going to email Meghan (myfullnamehere@hotmail.com) because he wants to talk to her. (or rather she has a bunch of stuff to tell him)
by the one and only January 15, 2005
Scott Is Hot.com - The blogging protagonist.
Have you seen Scottishot.com yet? its pimp.
by the one and only January 11, 2005
another word for right, or correct
"Yeah, Joe. Guess you're gith."
"I'm always gith, tard."
by The one and only July 03, 2004
The black jaunce that unexpectedly releases itself from the pants of TRICK. The nightmare is a sight unforgettable to the memory. Be careful when receiving exposure to the nightmare. Warning: Might permanently damage the eyesight, but its a classic.
"Oops, I dropped my towel"
"Ah trick, put the nightmare back"
by The one and only March 03, 2005
The sickness of one or more being a loser.
person one: We're such losers
person 2: Hooray for loserdomness!
by The one and only February 21, 2005
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