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Malay term for penis
kote ko beso-your thick penis
by Ar May 08, 2005
Protective gauntlets used in kendo.
The palms of my new kote are made of smoked deer skin, so they smell like a week-old ashtray.
by Eiliries August 20, 2005
Kind on the eye
Hey that girl over there is very Kote!!
by Tyronne Colagrande September 15, 2010
Fuck Off!

I don't care.

You're Not important.

Who cares.
1 st Person: Hey, you guys forgot to sign in.
2nd Person: Ko Te (Who Gives a Fuck)
by Hodza March 25, 2008
Short for lacota the native american topical cream. legend has it if you eat it you'll get high
Taul:"so i was lying in the gutter and this guy throws a nickle at me and it hits me in the head... I'm like shit you fuck I'm not some kind of bum I'm just taking a nap. and it was kevin coster and he's like "sorry friend... here I have some Lacota" so I takes it from him and eat some and he's like "oh no no It's a cream... rub it on the sore..." and he goes on about how he discovered it while working on dances with wolf or some shit but he's really boring so i tuned him out... anyways the cream did nothin. but man did i get HIGH... nothin like the kotes
by Taul January 29, 2005
The most thoughtful, loving, passionate man on earth. He is very sexy in looks, he is tall, muscular and stylish with more "skills" than one man should be allowed to have. He is daring, exciting, very intelligent and he is everything that The Stickerbush could ever want. He is man-beautiful.
No Kote! Hey Kote, give me a kiss. Kote, you are the best!
by Heather February 18, 2005
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