One who owns ho's. A ho regulator. Literally a pussy puller.
Also a derogatory word meaning pimp
did you see that koskesh pimp slap that gende?
by jimbob December 26, 2003
Top Definition
It's persian (farsi) for Pimp but it has taken another tone in a common vocabulary. It can be used to replace fucker, asshole, buddy, bro. It all depends of how you use it. It can be a friendly word or a very nasty one depending to the way it is used. It's as powerful as the word fucker.
example 1 :
hey koskesh, you were supposed to call me what happened?
example 2:
that koskesh will get what he deserves
example 3:
Don't do business with that koskesh, he would sell his own mom for a buck

by koskhol December 30, 2005
koskesh/pimp is a deragatory term in iran
its a persian word it means both

also means "Pussy Stretcher" in Persian

Kos= Pussy
Kesh= Stretch
I ain't got no example, look at the motherfucking definition
by AC July 06, 2004
A derivation of the Persian slang word, Kos, which means a female's pussy. Kesh means "to pull". Combined the literal translation is "Pussy Puller".

With roots in the urban areas of the capital Tehran, Kos Kesh can be used to loving refer to a collegue of the male gender (while giving him props to his superb abilities).
Yo Amir, kos kesh what's goin on?
by Omid Kir Bozorg May 04, 2006
someone that sells pussy , even jist sisters or long as he get payed.
The pimp sells pussy
by Arash March 17, 2004
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