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The incredible one. Could be used as a noun, adjective or a verb.
That's kesh. omfg that was kesh. or I'm going to go kesh now.
by Merriam-Webster April 21, 2003
Kesh is a word to describe something that is generally positive/good. A Kesher is a compliment which insinuates that a person is positive and that you like their company.

Examples below:
"Free Ice Cream? That's so kesh!"

"Can I borrow Toy Story on DVD? It's so kesh!"

"He/She just gave me a free Ice Cream, What A Kesher!"
by George Hemmati September 16, 2008
an addition to discriptive words
quickkesh, slikesh, sickesh, thickesh, scotkesh

eg hurry up quickkesh.
your looking pretty slikesh!
by vikesh mystery March 31, 2006
A slang term used for cigarettes.
"Ohhh! My baccy just fell out of my kesh! Anyone got any skins?"
by AmylaseII May 19, 2008
Short for kesher. Another word for a mentally challenged/retard.
Kesher kid walks by.
Spencer: Eww shes sick
Daniel: Dude shes kesh!
by yoni December 13, 2004

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