I consider korn to be an alternative rock group that have 4 members HIV (vocals),Munky (guitar),Feildy (bass), and David (drums)and used to have a member who went by Head (guitar).
They started way back in 1997.
They are an exparimental band and none of thier albums sound the same they just keep reinventing themselves.
I don't really listen to korn alot i got a few of thier albums and i don't think they are hald bad.I respect them because they are very free with what they do.
When they first came on the music scene they were really popular and then shit changed when people started classifing them as "Nu Metal" and it pissed the metal heads off so they started dissing them.
I don't know what else to say so, suck my dick and like it.
Metal head: "Man korn sucks, they aint even metal, fuck them little faggot ass posers. I don't like listenin' to bullshit that all it talks about is how some fag got molested by his daddy"

Korn fan: "They never said they were metal jackass they were just classifed as Nu-Metal by the media and korn touchs on way more issues than the fact that Jon Davis was molested (and not by his dad).Jon Davis uses the word rape as a metophore and the song 'shoots and ladders' where he sings "ring around the rosies,pocket full of posies ashes,ashes they all fall down" is about how Jon was researching on nursery rhymes and found out that alot of them have really sick storys behind them"

Metal head: "I don't care thier still a bunch of fags"

Korn fan: "And you're a fag too so i guess you can relate"

Metal head: "Man fuck you"

Korn fan: "If you give shit then learn to take it"
by sketchy thoughts July 20, 2006
-"corn" mispelled
-also a nu metal band
korn is cool!! my band's name'll be Karrot!!!
by lbuenofeo May 06, 2007
A nu-metal band, most popular in the late 1990's and early 2000's. Famous for their legions of highly-defensive fans who write long screeds assuring the world that they (the fans) are not goths, poseurs, thirteen years old, suburban kids, wannabes, Hot Topic shoppers, stoners, or otherwise useless globs of angst and conformity; and that the band is, or is not, "nu-metal", "hardcore", "mainstream", "tru-metal", "alternative metal", or any number of other meaningless, media-created subgenres used to further divide "the consumers" into more-specific (and thus, more easily marketed to) categories.
"Hey, did you read the Urban Dictionary entry on KoRn?"

"Yeah, I did. Jeez, are they defensive much? I mean, you can get info about the band, sure...but you've gotta click thru pages and pages of 'OMG i aM nOt a HotTopic goTh waNNabE!!!!!! and N E way KoRn iz NOT 'nu-metal bcuZ...' It's easier to just go to Wikipedia."
by Gladystopia September 21, 2009
Simply the greatest band ever
purrson 1: yo dawg rap is a way of life
purrson 2: fuck you man KoRn is
by emma(sic)ness June 02, 2008
Korn is the greatest band ever. So what if the guitarist left the band. Shit's still good. Luv ya Korn
1. Old/newish heavy metal typed band
by Kornpunksk8rQT April 02, 2005
Band reigning from Bakersfield, CA that formed in 1993. Contrary to popular belief that Korn created nu-metal, they merely popularized a genre that was already appearing in the late 80's. The members of the band are:

- Jonathan Davis (Vocals/Bagpipes)
- James "Munky" Shaffer (Lead/Rhythm Guitar)
- Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu (Bass)
- David Silveria (Drums)
- Ex-member Brian "Head" Welch (Lead Guitar)

They have released seven full-legnth albums to date. Chronologically, they are:

- Korn (1994)
- Life Is Peachy (1996)
- Follow The Leader (1998)
- Issues (1999)
- Untouchables (2002)
- Take A Look In The Mirror (2003)
- See You On The Other Side (2005)

Fans of Korn are often categorized as stupid mallcore teens who don't know metal for shit. I disagree with this. While a few fans of Korn might be, I think the majority of them like metal in all its forms, myself included. I never understood what metalheads are trying to accomplish by saying Korn sucks. If they're hoping Korn will stop because of it, all I have to say is "HAHA...no..." If they're hoping that the fans will stop listening, then that's stupid, why do you care what we listen to? It appeals to us musically, does that mean we are forbidden to listen to the gods of metal like "Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera, Black Label Society, etc."? No, it shouldn't
Korn Fan: Korn rocks man.
Metalhead: Dude why do you listen to nu metal? It sucks.
Korn Fan: Because it sounds good. Why do you hate it so much?
Metalhead: It makes legends like Dimebag look bad.
Korn Fan: But it sounds good.
Metalhead: Whatever...I shouldn't care what you listen to.
by jdctcg666 June 23, 2007
Nu Metal band from Bakersfield, California. In there early years Korn's music was rooted in Funk Metal but over the years this influence has started to lessen. There first album wasn't immediatly succesful but due to constant touring Korn started to develope a cult like fanbase.

There sophmore album was a more immediate success debuting at #3 on the billboard charts. 1998's Follow The Leader and 1999's Issues were hugely popular albums but the bands popularity has been fading since although they still sell a very large amount of albums by most standards.
Korn, in retrospect, are considered one of the most influenctial bands of the 90s and are oftened considered the ones that started the entire Nu metal scene.

Jonathan Davis has said he does not consider Korn Nu Metal or Metal, and that if he had to label the band he would call Korn "Hard Rock". However, Munky feels it's a functional term for the band.

Vocalist: Jonathan Davis
Lead/Rhythm Guitar - James "Munky" Shaffer
Rhythm/Lead Guitar - Brian "Head" Welch
Bass Guitar: Reggie "Fieldy" Arizu
Drums: David Silveria
Eddie: Are Korn still around?
Danny: Yes they have a new album coming out in 2010.
by JTP202 January 13, 2010
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