Nu Metal band from Bakersfield, California. In there early years Korn's music was rooted in Funk Metal but over the years this influence has started to lessen. There first album wasn't immediatly succesful but due to constant touring Korn started to develope a cult like fanbase.

There sophmore album was a more immediate success debuting at #3 on the billboard charts. 1998's Follow The Leader and 1999's Issues were hugely popular albums but the bands popularity has been fading since although they still sell a very large amount of albums by most standards.
Korn, in retrospect, are considered one of the most influenctial bands of the 90s and are oftened considered the ones that started the entire Nu metal scene.

Jonathan Davis has said he does not consider Korn Nu Metal or Metal, and that if he had to label the band he would call Korn "Hard Rock". However, Munky feels it's a functional term for the band.

Vocalist: Jonathan Davis
Lead/Rhythm Guitar - James "Munky" Shaffer
Rhythm/Lead Guitar - Brian "Head" Welch
Bass Guitar: Reggie "Fieldy" Arizu
Drums: David Silveria
Eddie: Are Korn still around?
Danny: Yes they have a new album coming out in 2010.
by JTP202 January 13, 2010
a band that is hated by "true metal heads" and loved by fans. a good band, but the arguments around it whether it's "heavy metal" or "pussy nu-metal crap" are pathetic. a true metal-head listens to anything in the metal genre. besides, korn was pretty heavy in their early days so enjoy em.
ignorant thrasher: ur a fuckin pussy korn is teh suckz!!!!!11!!!!
ignorant nu fan: omggg they r so hardcoree go die!!!!1111!!!shift!!1
me: shut up and listen to it for gods sake
by fat ass mothafu&*^&* July 14, 2008
A Nu-Metal band which was famous for their songs all having the exact same riff.
Dun-dun, duh-duh-duh, dun-duh-duh, Dun-dun, duh-duh-duh, dun-duh-duh, Korn's songs all sound the same but they still kick ass!
by SlipKorn2000 July 06, 2009
Koßn the best numetal group of all time from bakersfield CA their firs album was self title "Koßn"
Vocal/bagpipes:Jonathan Davis
Lead Guitar:Brian Welch "Head" who has left the band and is now a christian
Rythm:James "Munky" Shaffer (he isnt lead unlike alot of absolute tards think)
Drummer:David Silvera
koßn if frickin sweet and not just for goth kids and 13yr old losers who cant deal with their lives i love koßn and am completely normal i dont sit at home and slit my wrist plus they were on south park which is frickin sweet
korn is sweet
incubus, metallica, distrubed, linkin park, bob marley baby
by jamal 3 June 10, 2008
The greatest band out there to start a nu genre of metal. Nu-Metal. Other bands that r similar r SlipKnot, KiTTiE, Static-X and Otep. Any1 who has sum sht to say n KoRn. BEND OVER AND SUCK MY GENITALS B!TCHES!
KoRn is gReat

The Food?

NO IDIOT! K-O-R-N! no c!

by Killa KRow February 24, 2008
Weed, Bud
Me and Jamal left school to walk down to Edgar's house and buy some korn
by The Happy Toker January 23, 2012
A great, original rock band that is often bashed by "Tru-metal" heads just because they are often called nu-metal and the founders of that genre. In reality, they are more of an experimental hard rock/alternative metal band. A lot of bands soon started to imitate KoRn's sound and KoRn along with these bands were called nu-metal and, as a result, "tru-metal" heads bashed KoRn. Also, people say KoRn is what angsty, white, wannabe-goth, suburban teens listen to, but KoRn is one of my favorite bands and I happen to be a city kid and I don't consider myself to be a goth, nor do I try to be one.
Tru-metalhead: Hey, you like KoRn? Damn, I can't stand that nu-metal shit! You must be one of those stupid fucking mindless wannabe non-conformist mall-core kids that from the suburbs!
Me: First off, KoRn isn't nu-metal, and even if they are, they're more original than those other nu-metal bands and they're still be a great band in my eyes, so fuck off! In fact, I don't care what genre they are. Second, I'm not a fucking mall-core kid and I live in the city, so go fuck yourself twice! Third, who gave you the right to categorize me as a person?
Tru-metalhead: Uh... you're a fucking mallcore kid. And KoRn isn't metal (cliche.) And KoRn is mainstream, too, so you're a conformist.
Me: (sigh) Whatever, I don't have the time to be bothered by fuckheads like you.
Tru-metalhead: Must-hate-all-mainstream-rock-music (turns out to be a "tru-metalhead" robot and blows up)

by ilikepie714 August 25, 2006

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