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A kinky dork.
One who enjoys being kinky, but does not take it too seriously as a lifestyle, who does not take part in the playing of Dungeons and Dragons, does not own a flog collection or attend kink scene events.
One who enjoys laughing while being kinky.
Sally and Paul are Korky. During a conventional make out session, Sally jokingly suggests that Paul pull her hair and spank her. He does. They both laugh, but are still quite aroused by these actions.
by korkstar May 07, 2010
The best mail sorter that the travel industry will ever see. Named after the mentally handicapped character Corky Thatcher from TV's Life Goes On after a horrific labeling disaster. The spelling was changed to invoke a more "simple minded" or "akward" look when written.
SG: "Korky have we done re-vals today?"
by Snuggletimeboy August 06, 2005
Ugly and big toed nicapue that laughs like a freak
Man that women over there with the quesillo is a real korky
by Trol September 27, 2004
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