the best jew buddy everrrr
kories jewish. isn't that awesome? =P
by meeee January 28, 2005
Top Definition
Hot little bitch that goes 2 my school. Anyone hoo talks shit about her is just jealous. Shez amazing but doesnt kno it and every1 wants her.
I wish Korie knew how much i wanted her!
by aguy January 22, 2005
the best fucking smny ever...and the best friend anyone can ever have.
If youre ever in trouble, you can always count on the smny.
by totallylostasusual January 09, 2005
Awsome girl that I'm really good friends with and no, she doesn't think she owns band or rocks on the clarinet. If anyone knew her as well as I they'd know how modest she is and ectra. I love this girl, whoever doesn't is insane.
Korie? Yeah she's my homie G! Hehe
by Friend of the awsome January 05, 2005
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