A person of dubious parentage, hailing from various unfashionable towns and cities throughout Europe - such as Basildon, Stavanger or Truro.

Rumoured to be occasionally native to Mersyside, although this has ever been verififed and is thought to be an urban myth.

Often wears badges and scarves, they live in the 70's in a fashion sense and cloud cuckoo land in every other sense.

"Kopites are vermin and if you find them they should be hung on the banks of the Royal Blue Mersey with their own scarves. This will help to keep their numbers down at a manageable level." - D Moyes, Vermin control expert.

(They will mate with their own relatives given the chance and can breed at an alarming rate, particularly when there is a sniff of a trophy in the pestilent air around their place of congregation analfield). They may also be related to the common woodlouse as so many of them come out of the woodwork at these times.
"Will you look at the state of that kopite twat, covered in badges the whopper!"

"Take that scarf off you beaut, it makes you look like a kopite"
by NedFlanders January 23, 2008
Top Definition
Liverpool fan frequently seen hanging by the River Mersey
and we'll hang the kopite's one by one on the banks of the royle blue Mersey
by Joey Kearney May 25, 2003
Liverpool Fan. Normally from Norway or Devon
They'll be dancing on the Streets of Oslo tonight.
by Nevin April 08, 2003
one usually hailing from norway or devon who frequents the'hill of piss' whilst clutching tightly their anfield megastore carrier bag
en masse 'kopites are gobshites'
by sammy ampong August 10, 2004
A person usually from anywhere but Liverpool i.e. Norway, who supports Liverpool only when they are winning stuff(e.g. the champions league). They are seen to be swinging a shitty scarf over their head, singing a shitty song in a language they dont know, and have a lot of badges pinned to them.
There is Bjorn, he has supported Liverpool all his life....well since may 2005. He has his scarf on again, whats that he is singing? sounds like another language to me. He's a kopite.
by ~*~ J ~*~ March 25, 2006
Scandinavian football fan, best known for limited capacity to use brain, despite having a huge cranium. Also known for leaving a faint whiff of anal discharge behind them.
I would have entrusted him with making the toast, but he was a Kopite.
by Leopold Roby April 08, 2003
otherwise known as gobshites, redshite or just plain knob heads - a non educated person who unfortunatley has the dissadvantage of supporting THE REDSHIT - Liverpool FC
The kopited were lucky to finish top ten!!!
by sazz May 06, 2005
Someone who fabricates historical events especially regarding numbers and dates
Johnny poor Stalin essay rendered him a Kopite in the eyes of his teacher
by Quint April 08, 2003
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