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1. The act of being owned.
2. Someone or something that is constantly in a state of being owned.
3. A derogatory term that is generally considered to be an acceptable "diss" in society.
Example for definition 1:
Joe: "Mike, your mom is so fat she has here own zip code!"
Bob: "Oh snap, you just got kooshnaqed!"

Example for definition 2:
John: "I've failed ever test and class this year, and I've been beaten up after school everyday since Kindergarten."
Tom: "Dude, you really are a kooshnaq."

Example for definition 3:
Hank: "Let's have a dissing battle!"
Theodore: "OK, I'll go first. You're a kooshnaq!"
Hank: "Oh man, you took the best diss on the first turn, thats against the rules."
by The Failureteers July 26, 2005
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Someone who gets completely owned or pwned on a regular basis. Someone who's clumsy, weak, pathetic, or just sucky at FPS games.
Damn son, you fell off your bike on the way to school, fell down the stairs between classes, got beaten up after school and then got pwned on Counterstrike. You are a true Kooshnaq.
by Cheesy13 August 23, 2005
4 29