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A person at a school lunch table who is forced to take up the trash and trays of all others seated at said table. This person usually has low self esteem, is not wanted at that table, and/or is desperately trying to get in with a cool crowd. See also: trash bitch
It is ironic that the "cool" kids in my lunch have a tray bitch whose name is actually Tray! He takes all their trash up every single day and they still treat him like garbage.
by Cheesy13 August 13, 2005
Tired Of People With Penises
A girl at the party I went to was being hit on by some kid in a hat but he didn't know that she was TOPWP and wasn't going to respond.
by Cheesy13 October 31, 2006
Noun - Actually a devise for measuring pressure. Is commonly used by adults esp. teachers/coaches as any kind of obscure measurement. A PSAT, for example, acts as a barometer for how well you will do in the actual SAT.
Coach: The interval workout we're doing today will serve as a barometer to see how well you'll run in a meet.
by Cheesy13 August 18, 2005
Used as a prefix. Means "very."
That kid breakdancing was tré cool. In fact, he was so awesome I want to have his babies.
by Cheesy13 August 18, 2005
Someone who gets completely owned or pwned on a regular basis. Someone who's clumsy, weak, pathetic, or just sucky at FPS games.
Damn son, you fell off your bike on the way to school, fell down the stairs between classes, got beaten up after school and then got pwned on Counterstrike. You are a true Kooshnaq.
by Cheesy13 August 23, 2005
A person at a lunch table who is forced, often against their own free will, to take the trash of everyone else at that table to the cans. The trash bitch often must do this job to keep their position at the table. See also: tray bitch.
There's this kid at my friend's lunch table called Stump. He's the trash bitch cos nobody likes him.
by Cheesy13 August 13, 2005

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