A beverage created from powder and water meticulously mixed together to create a drink that goes with anything from brownies to bananas (see "bananatime")
One's significant other, typically a person of the vagina.
MMMMM!!! I just LOVE the refreshing taste of Kool Aid Grape!! It's so delicious and means I don't have to buy ancy junk for my kids!!
by Kyle October 30, 2003
The ether of the African-Americans.
Most black people are powerless without a flask of kool aid. This powerful potion gives the black man his pride, spirit, his love, his ability to run fast, his strut, his dignity, his talk, his walk, and all around blackyness. Without Kool-aid an African-American is just another guy. No blackman should travel without his flask of kool-aid. Some black people rely on it so much they inject it into their veins.
A fruity beverage most commonly used to bait niggers.
Me- Dude , set that Kool Aid trap up so we can catch this coon.

Bill- Im on it
by The cool cock July 25, 2011
something that is your's
Dude, get up off of my Koolaid!
by george buchanan November 03, 2003
A reference to a girl you fornicate with but never date
"What's up bro?"
"On the way to get some kool aid man."
"Ahhhhhhh. Alright I'll let you go."
by That high guy October 16, 2013
What fills a giant jar that crashes through the wall and yells: OHH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kool-Aid: *crash* OH YEAH!!!!
by ANGRYPOLAK November 05, 2010
Koo Laid is a producer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin that put The Ill Mill on the map...Rest in Peace Koo Laid
I wan't grape koo-laid with that toast bitch!
by DruDro January 04, 2008

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